A Creative Invasion

A 10 minute video essay that flowed out of the screen and into reality.

A Creative Invasion

A Creative Invasion is a 3D video essay I created as a final project for my Integrated Media class. The essay itself focused on the impact that Minecraft had on me, how that game served as a platform to explore and expand my creativity through technology and visual art.

Unlike traditional video essays this project has to be physically experienced, the audience is placed in a cube created by projector screens. Both the visuals and the audio is manipulated in 3D space, audience members will have to twist and turn to follow along – mimicking the disorientation I felt as I grew as both artist and individual.

I also composed the song that plays in the climax of the essay, I created it in Logic Pro X.


Project By: David Molina Cavazos
Assisted and Mentored By: Matt Saunders